Learning is People, Teachers, and Relationships

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Jack Welch, the legendary Chairman and CEO of General Electric, said:  “An individual’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”  

The last 3 decades have seen a gigantic shift in how we approach information. Digital flows of content dominate our lives now, and it is predicted that there will be a 10 fold increase in incoming information in just the next 2-3 years.

 The Internet has democratized knowledge, and, in its wake, left an equally giant need for curation, editing, and making sense of flows of the seemingly endless information.

What is missing in this vast web of information and sometimes useful elements is people. 

People teaching. People creating relationships. Leadership development, teaching, and education are about people.

The fall off in usage–ultimately fall off in  stickiness–with models such as Udemy is huge. Some of the better research suggests that 90%+ of people who start a “canned” online course will not finish it, most not even completing a third of the work. That is a lot of learning and  information flow going to waste–in addition to energy from employees and individuals.

With this rise in online learning, it’s imperative to ask…

  • How effective are the existing models of online learning?
  • How actionable are these learnings?

Canned online learning modules are one-way communication that leave people.  

Effective leadership development, LIVE 1:1 and group coaching is where relationships are built and transformation is the goal. 

How do we reframe situations and ourselves to achieve higher ends? What is derailing you in your career that we can reset to help you become the fully realized leader you can be?

Nuance and guidance brings learning and progress. And a coach’s ability to intuit what is going on for someone, and to guide you with better ways of thinking, being, and acting. 

Organizations enroll executives in online development programs, but often find it hard to justify the expense over time. Coaching needs to be personalized, contextualized, timely, and ongoing to create the kinds of outputs necessary to succeed and create valuable results and change for the organization

It’s time to make sense of the content. It’s time to put context to that content. It’s time to really learn. 

On-Demand, LIVE, Interactive Coaching is the Answer!

  • It’s engaging.

Live and interactive coaching gives learners time with their coach to develop a relationship and to build rapport. It brings the intimacy of a live classroom with the power of personal focus and context-driven problem solving.

  • It provides much-needed context.

Access to regular on-demand expert learning builds context, allows regular engagement, and drives performance growth. With an online engagement that is structured to be interactive, learners are no longer passive participants. They are now building, learning and consuming  content in context. The more the  engagement, the better the context.

  • It’s  personalized.

With customized online coaching support, the lessons can be timed as per the learner’s context, convenience, and capability. The learner plays a role in deciding the what, how and when, helping create a learning experience that is  tailored for them and the needs of their organization

  • It’s cost effective.

Learning new skills online substantially reduces the costs involved in coaching and training support. Unlike classroom-based courses, online learning avoids interview time, travel expenses, onsite inefficiencies.. Expenses that include finances, plus an individual and an organization’s  time. 

  • It’s virtual and remote.

In a world that’s increasingly embracing working, learning, and networking remotely, online coaching offers the flexibility of learning, while tracking to other responsibilities. Well-thought-out and structured online programs give coaches and learners an optimal leadership development  experience while allowing for the flexibility and efficiencies of virtual engagements. Virtual schedules sometimes allow for 3x as many meetings in a morning than traveling to onsite engagement.

Learning and human development is obsolete when it is not the latest thinking and when it does not apply the specific work an employee is managing. Staying relevant in an ever-changing world requires individuals to learn continuously. Online coaching, in a live, interactive and on-demand setting is in hot demand. It behooves leaders to embrace this new avenue for learning – for themselves, and the individuals they lead or work with. It’s time to make learning effective, actionable, and seamless. 

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