Build Your Tailored
Learning Network.

We Deliver an Unparalleled Suite of Services Equipped with

AI to Build Your Elite Training and Coaching Businesses.

LeaderJam Imagines a New Online Experience that

Combines Every Modality of Learning in Concert. Our

Artificial Intelligence Tools then Allow you to Solve Your

Clients’ Business  Problems with Unprecedented Insights,

Speed, and Analytic Accuracy.

Courses, Conference Events,  Live On-Demand Coaching,

Open-Source Library, Workshops, and Artificial

Intellegence Tools–Together in One Exciting Experience.

Empower Your Coaches
and Trainers with LeaderJam AI

The world has over a billion knowledge workers. Leaders must become infinite learners to keep up. Traditional in-person training is sporadic and inefficient. Online delivery models with canned content are impersonal, clunky and unengaging. LeaderJam empowers experts to deliver coaching and training with their clients through on-demand and just-in-time expert intervention. Our premiere learning experience platform emopowered with artificial intellegence tools helps you solve your clients’ critical problems like no other.



Work with your clients and participants

in new integrated and exciting ways.


Your Clients & Communities

Teams and employees work with your

experts to solve their toughest challenges.


Experts and Firms

Expert firms share

their thought leadership and grow

their learning businesses for scaled impact.


How it all Started

Kevin Sheehan is LeaderJam’s founder and an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He discovered the power of learning cultures when he profiled the great leaders of the last 100 years including Nelson Mandela, Mohandas Ghandi, and Eleanor Roosevelt for his book “A Leader Becomes A Leader: Inspirational Stories of Leadership for a New Generations.”  Exceptional  leaders are lifelong learners who  continuously find opportunities for improvement and growth–in themselves and others. Why  not make that a universal principle and process norm in every organization? That is the mission of LeaderJam.


Think about the great leadership mentors and teachers that you have had over the years. Now bring them all into an on-demand network that gives you access to them anytime, anywhere. That is the power of LeaderJam.

Experience the Power of LeaderJam

Top Expert Firms and Thought Leaders from around the Globe Use LeaderJam

Exclusive Learning Methodology Includes Coaching, Workshops, Learning Circles, Courses, and Events with the power of Zoom built in

The LeaderJam Platform Allows Participants and Clients to Solve Their Toughest Challenges and Accelerate Growth

”An individual’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

 –Jack Welch, Legendary Chairman and CEO, General Electric

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