Build Your Own
Learning Network.

LeaderJam is an on-demand interactive learning network.
We make on-demand group coaching and 1:1 coaching
with top experts as simple as booking an Uber ride.

Learn from People.

The world has over a billion knowledge workers. Leaders must become infinite learners to keep up. Traditional in-person training is sporadic and inefficient. Online delivery models with canned content are impersonal, clunky and unengaging. LeaderJam is empowering leaders and knowledge workers to deliver their best through on-demand and just-in-time expert intervention. Individuals, groups and corporates can work with our experts across leadership development, management, wellness and wellbeing and lifestyle. 


Grow Personally and Professionally by working with experts and coaches –with a cohort or 1:1

Groups or Corporates

Teams can work with our experts and solve their toughest challenges.

Experts and Coaches

Experts can build a legacy , grow their knowledge business for scaled impact.

How it all Started

Kevin Sheehan, the Founder of LeaderJam discovered the power of learning cultures when he surveyed over 230 industry leaders for his book “A Leader Becomes A Leader”. He discovered that leaders go through an accelerated growth when they engage in ongoing learning via conversations with other top experts and mentors.

Why not make that available for every organization and every expert team looking to make that change happen! This aspiration is the purpose of LeaderJam.

Think about the great leadership mentors and teachers that you have had over the years. Now bring them all into an on-demand network that gives you access to them anytime, anywhere.

Experience the Power of LeaderJam

Top Experts from Leadership Development, Management, Wellness and Wellbeing and Lifestyle

Exclusive Group Coaching Programs and On-Demand 1:1 Coaching

Solve your Toughest Challenges and Accelerate Your Growth

”An individual’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

 –Jack Welch, Legendary Chairman and CEO, General Electric

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Jack Welch, the legendary Chairman and CEO of General Electric, said:  “An individual’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into ac...

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