Get Empowered. Have Impact Today
The platform experience coaches love
Your leadership coaching credentials are strong, and you have a proven track record. Still, organizations that need you do not know about your work. LeaderJam makes high-quality coaching engagements an every day event for you in delivering outstanding quality service.
We put your thought leadership on the map
The content that drives your practice is hard-won, and transformative for the participants who work with you. You can now build an audience—anywhere and anytime--with the kind of exposure well-known talents enjoy around the Internet.
Coach and earn when you want
Coach when you want. Earn what you want. Coaching with LeaderJam is fun, and you can connect to clients daily—or whenever it is best for you. Broadcast a webinar. Build a micro learning. Drag. Drop. And Get Started today!
LeaderJam connects coaching talent with motivated clients
LeaderJam is building a community of learning that is different. Great leaders are lifelong learners. Imagine a platform that allows clients who are life-long learners to stay in constant touch with you—and the trends and new research that matter.
Become a global coach—overnight
LeaderJam brings coaching clients to you from all over the world. Ready to activate for coaching engagements today
Your skills and experience will shine
LeaderJam helps you leverage your expertise and methods by providing you a global audience of interested leadership aspirants.
We help you understand your impact
Our platform includes analytics and metrics you can leverage. We help you demonstrate the power of coaching in driving ROI.
Build your business from your home office
LeaderJam engagements run on video conferencing technology, so that you can work from your home office.
LeaderJam is an online experience
Whether you are doing a 1-to-1 coaching engagement, or working with a team of 50 people, you can get the work done anywhere—any time.
Host webinars to drive larger audiences
Kickstart change with our webinar features and share your insights and toolkit with individuals and teams around the globe.
Central Management for a World of Possibilities
The LeaderJam Dashboard
Create, analyze, and manage your sessions in real-time on the LeaderJam Dashboard. Update your calendar, view your messages, and build content to maximize engagement.