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Slide Bernhard Heine Master Coach Bernie is a Master Coach with over 30 years of experience with corporate clients like Coca-Cola, Textron and more. His Harvard Business School experience has helped many executives and business owners achieve their vision. Enjoy his LeaderJam interactive education program on *Professional Growth'. Bernie is an expert in the areas of Leadership Development and Sales & Marketing. Slide Cecelia Burokas Lecturer Cecelia is an Executive Coach and a Lecturer at Northwestern University. She has over 30 years of coaching and consulting experience with global organizations, universities, nonprofits and startups. Enjoy Cecelia's program on Essential Tools for Coaches and Consultants". Cecelia has deep expertise in Leadership Development and Change Management. Slide Carol Marak Author Carol Marak is a celebrated Solo Living Advisor and author who has spent 10 years empowering solo agers to thrive and build a strong future self. Join Carol's exclusive program on 'Guide to Aging Solo' and interact with other solo agers. Carol’s expertise includes Sales & Marketing and Brand Awareness, as well as Customer Experience Slide Supriya Jain Author Supriya is a successful author, a coach and a TEDx speaker. She has over 15 years of experience as a storyteller and has been published on the World Economic Forum. Join Supriya's program on Book to Business' to write a book and publish it! Supriya’s expertise includes Sales & Marketing, with a focus on Brand Awareness and Entrepreneurship.