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Every business leader knows the challenges of running a company in today’s world are enormous. Bernie can apply his extensive expertise to your situation, while also helping you develop your own management abilities, to achieve your vision.

Meet Bernhard to learn the Principles of a productive selling mindset, and apply these methods to your current sales approach.

Bernie is an Executive Coach with decades of experience with corporates like Coca-Cola, Textron and more. Bernie’s Harvard Business School experience has helped many business owners and executives achieve their vision.

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About Bernhard Heine

Bernhard has more than 30 years of experience working collaboratively with business partners in all phases of business management. He has worked with hundreds of business owners and helped them achieve their vision, meet their challenges, and succeed by working with them and their teams individually or in groups to improve leadership, develop effective business strategies, and strengthen marketing, sales, customer service, operations, finance, and management through individual coaching and group training.

HBS, Textron, Coke, President at Professional Business Coaches, Inc.

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“Bernie is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to business strategies. Many times we have attended the same networking events and business seminars. As a business owner myself, the business practices he recommends to seminar participants to promote their business is logical, thorough, and in most instances, transferable from one sort of business to another. When conducting a seminar, his manner is engaging and interactive, whether the group is intimate and specialized, or large and spans many different verticals. Everyone leaves having gained new business insight and practical suggestions on how to employ these. He does a great job!“

-Brad Pinta, Owner at Pinta Law Group, LLC 

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