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Changing Altitude—Helping Leaders Soar in their New Role

Greg is a Leadership Coach with over 37 years of experience in coaching, practicing, and teaching the art and science of effective leadership. He led major projects at several large organizations such as US Military Academy, McKinsey & Company and others. 

Join Greg to learn strategies and tools and build your presence as a leader!

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90 Minute Master Class

This program is for Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders.
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About Greg Hiebert

Greg’s commitment to profound change in people and organizations comes from his long service as a leader and mentor. His coaching approach incorporates deeper levels of authentic and courageous dialogue to create conditions for personal and organizational transformation. His experience includes West Point, the United States Army, Harvard Business School, Egon Zehnder International, BellSouth and McKinsey & Company.

Greg shares his principles for a healthy and happy life in his book ‘You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have: Creating The Seven Habits That Make A Remarkable Life’

What is 'Changing Altitude—Helping Leaders Soar in their New Role' about?

Being a leader, running a team, and driving results is challenging. It takes a lot of strategic hard work to get it all right and just when you think you have a complete handle on your role and responsibility as a leader, your organization gives you a much broader and larger scope of responsibility.  These responsibilities present levels of complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty that your initial response as a leader is to “run away.” While the organization is very confident that they picked the right person for this new role, leaders frankly are feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and insecure while also desperately wanting to be successful. Drawing upon 70 years of leadership practice, study, education and coaching, one of the authors of the soon to be released book, “Changing Altitude: Helping You Soar in Your New Leadership Role”, Greg Hiebert will provide participants with immediate and actionable ways for the leader to find their way to back to calm and confidence in a very intentional and determined way.

Learning Goals


The five practical ways in which a leader can “change altitude” and gain greater perspective and insight into their current operating environment.


Explore the four most impactful (and least used) leadership influence strategies to effectively optimize outcomes in the leader’s operating environment.

Discuss the six primary strategies that leaders need to employ to be at their very best in terms of resilience, energy, thoughtfulness, and agility.


Develop a clear and actionable plan of action of what the session participant will put into practice and use upon the completion of the session.

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Equip Yourself to Lead an Impactful and Joyful Life

“Greg has worked with me and my teams for a number of years to more fully develop our leadership especially when I first stepped into my new role and had to take on Covid19 for the citizens of Virginia.  What sets Greg apart is his compassion and empathy for those whom he coaches, for the mission they are trying to accomplish, and for those who ultimately will be served.  There is no question that Greg has made me a better leader, but I think he has also helped me be a better person—and that has had an impact on all of my roles.  Simply put, attending this session and putting the content into practice will make you a better leader and equip you to lead a more impactful and joyful life.” 

-Dr. Dan Carey, Secretary of Health and Human Resources, Commonwealth of Virginia 

At a Glance

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When Their Leadership Role Changes, Great Leaders Change Their Altitude.


TUE, Oct 05 2021

90 Minute Master Class

This program is for Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders.
$115  $85

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