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Enlightened Leadership

Craig Polsfuss helped many leaders and businesses thrive with his approach on Leadership. With his rich experience of over 40 years, he has coached several high-end leaders and entrepreneurs.

Join Craig to build resilience, clarity, confidence, and discover higher levels of energy. Radically improve your personal experience, work performance and fill your ‘final void’!

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3 Month Group Coaching Program

This program is for Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders.
Limited Seats!
$15000  $5000

About Craig Polsfuss

Craig Polsfuss is an integral psychologist, an executive coach, and a thought leader in psychology and human potential. Over the last 4 decades, through his extensive research in psychology, neuroscience and ancient wisdom traditions, plus personal exploration and work, he has developed a new leadership paradigm and a revolutionary mind-brain methodology proven to rapidly generate mental wellbeing and higher consciousness. 

What is 'Enlightened Leadership' about?

We can legitimately claim to facilitate Classical Enlightenment and set you on
the path to two higher enlightenments.  You can verify this with optional brain scans!

Enlightenment does not mean being obstacle-free. It means being able to see obstacles –inside yourself and out – so you can navigate them. It also means the ability to see into the unknown and elevate and move yourself and others forward into unrealized potential. 

Classical Enlightenment can be described as a deep understanding into the
true nature of thought, consciousness and mind that results in a permanent shift into
the feeling of inner wellbeing regardless of circumstances.  Enlightened Leadership is a
‘Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up’ process that helps you discover a whole new dimension of understanding, wellbeing and effectiveness. 

Through guided group and individual conversations, Craig will support you with your leadership and personal goals. Come, experience a dramatic growth in your life and work!

Learning Goals

Harness into a new level of energy and perspective

Unlock your team's potential to build a high performance work culture


Stay focused at a new level of elevated consciousness

Connect with Guest Leaders who experienced this paradigm

quote 2

Transformed My Life in Evident and Measurable Ways!

“After working with Craig, I had changed my outlook and the people around me started to change. I was so awestruck by this new way of thinking that I introduced it to my HR Manager. We have now been helping our managers and eventually all of our employees with this new understanding”.

— Anonymous, CEO and Business Owner

At a Glance

28 Transformational
hours over 3 months. 

Includes LIVE sessions and curated recorded and reading material.

8 LIVE Group sessions and
2 Individual 1:1 sessions
over 3 months.

All sessions will be hosted virtually. We’ll email you links to to video sessions.

You will receive curated recorded and reading material  to accelerate your personal growth.

Due to limited seating all ticket purchases are final.

Each group will have
only 6 participants.

This program will greatly optimize your personal and 
professional performance, AND address the final void a person needs to
fill to fulfill their purpose – inside and out – as a human being.

Registration Open until

Aug 10 2021

3 Month Group Coaching Program

This program is for Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders.
$15000  $5000

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Solve your toughest challenges.
Work One on One with Craig for 3 months.
(Ten LIVE Sessions - 90 Minutes)

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$25,000  $10,000

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