Kevin Sheehan
Kevin Sheehan is the CEO and co-founder of LeaderJam LLC, the first global platform for engaging corporate teams with top experts and content to drive change in organizations. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and is best known for creating Hear Music—an innovative music retail company, acquired by Starbucks, that helped redefine the national segment for two decades. He received his MBA from Harvard where he was named “Entrepreneur of the Year”.
Ethan Lyle
Ethan Lyle is the VP of Strategy and a LeaderJam co-founder. He also works as a reputation management and strategic positioning consultant at Teneo. Ethan previously worked at Kekst, a leading strategic communications firm. Ethan also served at FEMA, on the Obama 2008 campaign, and in the White House during the Obama Administration. In 2014, Ethan co-founded Hope Collaborative, a 501(c)(3) non-profit which teaches leadership development and life skills to youth.
Chip Carter
Chip Carter is the Chief Operating Officer of LeaderJam. He has served as a technology leader, executive and health coach, mindfulness teacher, strategist, executive board member, software architect and developer. As a CIO/CTO and interim CMO working for two large global NGOs (Mercy Corps and Plan International), he led sweeping, large-scale infrastructure changes, fundamental shifts in business practices and culture, and dramatic productivity improvements.
Jerry Cogliano
Jerry Cogliano serves as LeaderJam’s Chief Customer Officer. He is an experienced business services executive who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success. He has served as the CEO of the Kinder Institute, the Chief Operating Officer for Genesis Advisers, and Executive Vice President at The Forum Corporation with responsibility for global operations across all functions including sales & marketing, clients, and solutions.
Thomas Rosenbloom
Thomas Rosenbloom serves as our Senior Advisor of Business Development. He brings legal, business development, capital structure, and partner strategy expertise. He has had a distinguished career as an attorney in private practice and as a senior executive in a public company that manages mortgage assets. He brings LeaderJam legal expertise and strategic insight into financings and corporate business alliances to expand the market for the mobile application.
Matthew Winston
Matthew Winston is LeaderJam’s Software and Product Manager. He is a professional software developer and digital producer with over 15 years hands-on entrepreneurial experience, helping marketers, educators, and companies bring their projects to life with the latest digital technologies. He is an experienced leader and team player, working collaboratively with cross-functional teams, (software development and media production) to develop creative process solutions that maximize outcomes.
Noah Adams
Noah Adams is the Special Projects Manager at LeaderJam. He brings expertise in coordinating international communication and project management to the team. He previously worked in the Hamburg Ministry of Economics, Transportation, and Innovation in Germany. As a student at the University of Chicago, Noah focuses on Global Studies and Germanic Studies, and serves as the President of the Mindfulness Meditation Club. He also runs ultramarathons, and is an Eagle Scout.
Brittany Bethune
Brittany Bethune serves as our Social Media and Communications Manager. She graduated from Berklee College of Music magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Music Business, with a focus on management and entrepreneurial studies. She earned the Boston Magazine Award for her achievements while student director for both senior practicums: the student-run label, Heavy Rotation Records, and the entrepreneurial practicum.
LeaderJam's Corporate Council
Chel Cavallon
Chel Cavallon is a member of LeaderJam's Corporate Council. He has over 20 years of consulting and executive experience in financial services and has worked for companies ranging from Oliver Wyman to IBM. He has also led several multi-million-dollar start-ups from conception to profitability. In his spare time, he serves on the Mentoring Advisory Council of The Y in Central Maryland, and as a board member and committee chair for the Maryland Council on Economic Education.
Shyam Kamath
Shyam Kamath, Ph.D., is a member of LeaderJam’s Corporate Council. Dean Kamath is an internationally recognized scholar and educator who has gained recognition as a global innovator and expert in the area of community development, experiential learning, and business program innovation. He is the founding Dean of the College of Business at CSU, Monterey Bay and has held academic and administrative positions at leading universities in the U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe. He has been a consultant to four governments and over 100 companies and non-profits worldwide.
Todd Greenberg
Todd Greenberg is our Senior Adviser of Content and Network Management. He brings LeaderJam experience in the leadership development segment, including content creation and management, consulting, strategy, and product design. Todd is a longstanding faculty member of the prestigious Center for Creative Leadership and part of their worldwide delivery team using simulation technology to develop leaders, and facilitate change in Fortune 100 and 500 Companies. In 2010, he founded Inside Music, LLC, the award-winning online product distributed worldwide.
Stephen Oler
Stephen Oler is our Senior Adviser of Finance Strategy. He has had a distinguished career in global asset management. He brings LeaderJam finance expertise and strategic insight into global partner and market opportunities—large and small. Most recently, Stephen served as a portfolio manager at Pyramis Global Advisors, a unit of Fidelity Investments. Steve enjoys his family, travel, and spending time with beach neighbors on the weekends.
Rick Ferrie
Rick Ferrie serves on LeaderJam’s Corporate Council. Currently, he is VP of Policy and Regulatory Relations, Global Corporate Affairs and Marketing at Pearson Global Publishing, the learning company. Previously, he has served in other roles at Pearson, as well as serving as COO and Vice President of Creative Services at The Mazer Corporation. Throughout his career, he has helped guide services through large scale content development projects.
Vivek Mahadevan
Vivek Mahadevan is our Senior Adviser Strategy, Product, and Marketing. Vic is helping the company deliver highly innovative, flexible, and efficient products that fulfill the needs of the leadership development consumer with breakthrough success. He has played a leadership role in the business development, product management, marketing, and growth strategies for several leading technology companies. Vic has also held senior management positions with leading storage and systems management companies including BMC Software, Compaq, Ivita, and Maxxan Systems.